This page is designated to catalog some of the music I have played, composed, or been involved with.

Here is a collection of recent works I made on a computer. This playlist features some ambient pieces, some grimey “beats” and pop influenced instrumentals.

In the later half of 2013 I extensively explored the music that “non-instruments” can make. This is one of the many tunes I made during my investigation. It features many “non-instrument” elements, including stomping shoes as a kick drum and a ping pong game as a hihat part. Check it out:

This is a piece of music I made featuring excerpts of an interview the great jazz pianist Bill Evans did before he died.

This a recording of my trio with Ben Levinson and Cari Stevens playing the jazz standard, “Black Orpheus”.

Here is a song I made with samples from a Joe Bonner piano recording and Ulrich Krieger teaching his “20th and 21st Century Survey of Music” class.

Man & The Smells is a Hardcore-Soul-Punk band I play guitar in. The band is a sort of outlet for all of us in the group to be loud. Check out our first album below.

This is a theme song I composed for my friend Dustin Rhode’s cartoon he is making. Marco Palmer is playing drums, Andrew Hild is playing saxophone, Danny Connell is playing bass, and I am playing guitar.